I have developed a unique results-oriented workout that blends the mental focus and body alignment of ballet, the essential flexibility of yoga, and the enviable muscle toning of interval training.

Each 60-minute class gives you the best of both individual attention at the hands of our experienced instructors; and the dynamic, motivational energy of a group setting.

Get ready to exert intense bursts of energy followed by deeply focused stretching… all keys to developing sleek, balanced muscle tone and creating lean muscle mass than in turn revs up your metabolism and burns calories not only more efficiently but for hours after your workout has ended.

What to wear: we recommend that you wear form-fitting exercise wear and socks… no shoes allowed in the studio.

First-time students: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to register and let us get to know you.

This is the method stripped down to the bone. It offers anyone, regardless of fitness level, the opportunity to develop body awareness, an understanding of proper body alignment and balance, while building the strength to move to the next level. Special needs are taken into consideration and modifications are advised when necessary. We recommend taking at least 6-8 classes before advancing to the next level.

Less talking, more moving, the mixed level class moves at a more rapid pace than the basic level class. Modifications are offered for beginners and advanced options are given for those who are looking to challenge their workout.

Less explanation and faster pace than a mixed level class. The class is designed for those who have a full understanding of the BodyQuest method. A minimum of 8-10 mixed level classes is required to participate…NO EXCEPTIONS.