The Method


Based on the original Lotte Berk method developed by a world-renowned dancer and her orthopedist, Bodyquest offers a uniquely challenging workout utilizing your own body weight, dynamic props and the stability of a ballet barre.

Even though this 60-minute workout happens in an energized group setting, you’ll have the experience and get the benefits of being in a one on one personal training session. Each class is attentively guided by an experienced instructor who will lead you through an invigorating series of exercises with a graceful flow of energy amidst the sounds of “gotta-move” music. The class structure is consistent yet the specific movements are always changing, ensuring that each class stimulates and challenges your body to the max.

With devotion and focused work
you can expect:

  • Strong stable platform
  • Sexy, lean legs
  • Sculpted hamstrings
  • Lifted, tight “tush”
  • Chiseled, strong abdominals
  • Slim hips and waist
  • Beautifully sculpted arms, back and shoulders
  • A healthy, stronger heart
  • A lifted metabolic rate
  • Decreased percentage of body fat
  • Increased percentage of lean muscle
  • Increased bone density
  • Stronger, more flexible back
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Stronger core and improved balance
  • Improved posture and body alignment
  • Improved self awareness and confidence

About Laurie Glatzer

Laurie Glatzer, a former professional ballet dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, is a trained instructor of the “Lotte Berk Method” and “Bar Method” techniques. Her experience as an instructor and entrepreneur started over 30 years ago as the owner of a children’s ballet studio in Stamford, CT. From there, Laurie became a senior teacher and manager of the Fairfield County Bar Method, overseeing three studios, and maintaining a high standard of teaching excellence with the instructors under her lead.

In 2005 Laurie went out on her own and opened the BodyQuest Studio in Westport, CT, taking the best of the barre techniques and evolving a method that would benefit a broader range of fitness levels. Laurie is a Westport resident and the mother of two grown sons.